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  • 2 years
  • Adopted Jan 15, 2018
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This is a courtesy post for German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley. Read about Kaiser and how to adopt him or other dogs available on their website at

Kaiser is an approx 2½-yo male long-coat GSD who is very friendly, trusting, energetic yet easy-going. Kaiser loves people and is the antithesis of an overly-protective GSD; in fact, he wants to make friends even with service workers who come on to his property. I haven't seen too many GSDs who trust a person they've just met to pick them up and rock them like a baby, but Kaiser is just such a dog. (See below for video proof -- the man holding Kaiser is a trainer who met Kaiser just minutes previously!)

I'm not sure how Kaiser is around children, but judging from his even temperament I wouldn't hesitate to place Kaiser in a home with young kids.

Kaiser has not been socialized with other dogs, but he is by no means dog-aggressive. In one of his first meetings with another dog (a female hound mix), Kaiser initially barked an lunged out of eagerness to meet her but quickly settled down and was then fine by her side. Here is a video of that meeting. 

We don't know how Kaiser is with cats, so for now we'll only consider a home without cats for him.

Kaiser is house-trained, but presently spends most of his time outside because he never received much obedience training and is a little too energetic for the people he lives with. He does pull on leash, but has not had much in the way of on-leash training and demonstrated that with a firm handler he does just fine. (See second video above.)

Kaiser loves to go for car rides and is a good traveler.

Kaiser's caretakers (a couple) took him in from their daughter because she had to move to a place that wouldn't allow him. The daughter had raised Kaiser from a puppy. Kaiser is really too much dog for the couple, and they have been keeping him outside on a "zip-line." They realize that this is not an ideal situation for Kaiser, and sought the assistance of GSRSV to find a good, permanent home for him.

Kaiser's caretakers have plans to leave on a trip December 5 and were going to bring Kaiser to a shelter--though they much prefer that a rescue group take Kaiser. Vince, Kaiser's primary caretaker, has stated that he could postpone their trip if there is a strong likelihood of Kaiser being adopted.

Jenn Bulmer with the Redding rescue group Tails of Rescue, evaluated Kaiser for GSRSV on Dec 1, and then again on Dec 2 with the assistance of dog trainer Martin of Martin's NorCal Dog Training in Redding.

Kaiser has yet to be neutered, but his $260 adoption fee will include his neuter surgery. Again, Kaiser in located in Redding, CA.

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