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  • Male
  • 2 years
  • Adopted Nov 19, 2017
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Hi There!  I'm Uppy the puppy!  That's actually just a nickname.. If I ever wanted to go to a formal dog show (LOL) my full name is Upton G. Shepherd.  I'm probably around 2 years old.  I'm a svelte 72 lbs. these days, and working on adding a bit more meat on the bones..  I am a large guy, but didn't get enough to eat in my former life, so I'm making up for it now. 

I was caught as a stray, then rescued from a shelter, and I am so glad I got outta there!  I currently live in a foster home with a nice man and his 7 year old female dog in Sacramento.  I love to play with all the toys - especially balls, and I enjoy having the other dog around.  The 'old lady' doesn't give me much attention, but I love to play with the man and we have lots of fun together. 

I am pretty active, as a youngster.  I love playing ball in the yard.  I will chase it and bring it back to you, then you have to get it from me, and then we do it all over again!  I'm also pretty good at keeping other animals out of our yard.  But I also know how to relax if that's what you want.  I do enjoy a good nap!  And, if you'd like to rub and pet me all over - even better!  I'm good at snuggling, despite my size.

I just LOVE to be close to the family!  I like going where you go, and getting petted all over.  I will block your path and fall at your feet for a good rub down!  If you invite me up on the couch or bed, I'm right there all over you!  I don't mind that I might not fit, we'll make it work.  Don't get me wrong, I also like napping on the dog beds or a cool spot on the floor or in my crate.  I eat in there all the time, and it's really comfy and it's right there in the main room where everyone else is.  It's a good thing I can go in there and chill out when in I need to (I think the others like that, too).

I eat pretty nicely.  I can even be patient and take morsels from my person's hands, but I'd kinda rather scarf down and not share.  So, I'd prefer you just let me eat meals in my crate for now.  I'm happy to gently take treats from you any time, though.  Especially if we're "training."  I'm really good at Sit.  I kind of know Stay, though I don't like it much.  I sort of know Lie Down.  "Go to your Crate!" is a good one.  That usually means food or snacks!  I'm learning Come, which works pretty good with treats at the end..  But, if I got a squirrel in my sights and you're just making noise at me.. good luck! ;)

I'm pretty good on walks. I don't pull, but I do like to smell the roses, and the grasses, and poles, and all the other dogs that have passed by, so my nose is on the ground and I stop a lot..  I keep hearing the man talk about working on that…  I also like to trot alongside the guy on his bike.  I'm not very fast and we don't go very far, but I can keep a steady pace and my focus is almost always pointed forward.

I have seen some other dogs around, and I'd like to meet them, but it's also okay if we just pass them by.  They don't all need to be my friends.  I do like other dogs, but I'm still learning all about proper introductions and doggie etiquette.  And, like many people and dogs, I need time to get to know someone..

I don't live with any kids, but I am a people dog, and I'd probably love to have big or littler ones to play with - as long as they can manage my size and energy.  Even better if they like (big) lap dogs!

I love stalking and chasing all the critters in the yard!  There are squirrels and rats, and I really enjoy chasing them up the trees.  I haven't been around any cats lately, but they sound tasty, right?  Or are they just more play things?  I'm not sure, but they sound fun!?

I'm actually a very gentle and submissive dude.  (A cat may actually rule the roost, for all I know.)  I'm just big in stature and personality!  Come check me out, and see if you'd like to share your life with me for the next dozen or so years!  I promise, you'll have a blast! 

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