Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 3 years
  • Adopted Sep 4, 2017
  • Good with Cats? Workable
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Helloooo everyone! Kyra here. I’m a 3 year old bi-color GSD who weighs about 60 pounds.  

If you’re looking for a dog you can take places, show off some obedience skills and represent the GSD breed - that’d be me!  

I am affectionate with people, have nice manners and quite trainable. I really enjoy being with people, including kids. I grew up with teenage boys and been around toddlers often. I think kids are so cute and adorable! We just go together.  

My family has taken good care of me.  They took me places and did some fun obedience with me.  Did you know I can “butt down”?  I even know some of those cool German words… you know, the kind people use in Obedience Trials to show off how cool they are.  I listen really well to my people.  They don’t have to yell “coooommmeeee” or “come!  Come! NOW!”.  A whistle or my name to come will do.  I recall easily even from meeting dogs off leash.  Tell me once and it’s done.  My family has taught me good manners and still make sure I keep them.  I would love my next home to keep that going.  

I’m easy to walk on a simple flat collar.  

Because I’m smart,  I would love to learn more and refine my skills.  My ball drive will definitely incentivize me to become even more impressive.  

I’m energetic but I’m also a girl who knows how to calm down and settle.  I’m past that cray puppy stage - haha.

If you’re not impressed yet, here’s more. I lived with a cat and I know not to eat it.  In fact, we were good friends. Cats outside that I don’t know… I think I want to chase them to play but my family has not let me.  

Want more?  I’m not a destructive dog at home.  My family has not lost one single household item to me.  Crates has never been used since I’ve always been a good girl.  Take good care of me and I’ll make sure your house stays intact.  Since puppyhood, I’ve had only 2 accidents inside the house and they weren’t even my fault.  Someone didn’t let me out when it was time.  

I’ve done off leash hikes and have never strayed.   

I’m good with all kinds of dogs.  I enjoy meeting dogs, sniffing them politely and playing chase.  If a dog gets too rough I will bow out.  I prefer to play more peaceful games.  

I love, love the water. Kiddie pools are awesome!! The lake is awesome!!

I will miss my family but they are in a difficult time in their life and want me to have back the life I once had - someone to adore, do lots of things with and are home more. 

Overall, my BAGSR friends think I’m a biddable dog and someone will be very lucky to have me.  

Please come meet me in San Jose.

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