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Jasper and Lacy have once again been sponsored by Phillip Parr! Thank you Phillip.

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Phillip Parr and generously sponsored these two love bugs, thank you!

They say you can’t rush something you want to last forever. If you could ~ and I had anything to say about it ~ Jasper & Lacy would already be happily settled into their forever home together. Instead, they are still patiently waiting at the Humane Society of the North Bay for love to find them.

Jasper & Lacy are a “bonded pair” of German Shepherds, which means they are strongly attached to one another and really need be adopted together. (Separating a bonded pair is liable to lead to anxiety issues in one dog or both -- not good.) They are approx. 7 ½ years old and are both in excellent health. Lacy does have a small lipoma, or bump, on her head but it doesn’t appear to be anything serious.

While Jasper & Lacy were adopted together by a very nice couple in the Spring of 2018, when the adopters’ circumstances changed, they ended up surrendering the dogs on December 31st. Their former owners described Jasper & Lacy as "great dogs". They said they were both house and crate trained, good with other dogs, and “excellent” with their 2 small grandchildren. The only problem was that neither Jasper nor Lacy did well being left alone for extended periods of time. According to their former owners, when bored, the dogs (particularly Jasper) tended to get into mischief and look for things to keep themselves amused. On the other hand, when someone was around, and the dogs were getting their daily quota of love & affection, they were the “perfect dogs.” They would just hang out with their family and chillax.

Jasper & Lacy will do best in a household where someone is home most of the day and they are able to get the mental and physical stimulation they need. They are not going to do well being left in a yard alone all day! Both dogs are very affectionate and they really want and need to be with their human pack. (While Jasper can be a little aloof, initially, he warms up quickly and is every bit the snuggle-bunny that Lacy is, after he gets to know you!) More than anything else, these two just crave love & attention.

If you are interested in meeting Jasper & Lacy, please contact the shelter at [email protected] or (707) 645-7905 to arrange for a meet & greet. While two dogs is a lot for any one person to take on . . for the right person or family, these dogs are going to be the most amazing companions!!

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