Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 2 years
  • Adopted Aug 20, 2017
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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I am a 2yr old black & white GSD mix with some traits of husky. I’m medium sized–about 65 lbs–and still have a lot of puppy energy. I don’t chew but I love to play with toys and chase balls. I have boundless energy and would love space to run, another young dog to play with, and/or an owner who can take me on long daily walks or runs. I am well behaved on a leash and will stop on command even if the leash is dropped but the husky in me does try to pull. Even when deer or turkeys cross my path I can be kept still on command and I won't try to break away.

I am eager to earn treats and am excited to learn but am also very excitable and revert to playing any chance I get so I will need a patient owner. I have lived with 8 & 10 yr old kids, so I'm used to playing keep away and tug of war. I am a good playmate for kids but I might be a little rough for smaller children. I have overcome my initial shyness and am friendly with humans, dogs, and even cats. I am excited to chase almost anything that moves but have lived amicably with a cat for the past 9 months and an 8 year old male GSD.

I have nice house manners and travel well in the car. I won’t steal food off of your counter or beg. I prefer to be outside where the action is. I love to chase squirrels, birds and lizards all day. I currently have a yard that is nearly a half an acre but I have a short 'track' I run around my favorite bushes that house the birds and lizards. So while space would be nice it's more the ability to run laps with another dog or after toys that I really crave. I am always eager to go on long walks and never show signs of weariness, no matter the temperature, something my older GSD can't keep up with.

Unfortunately, the family that adopted me can't walk/run me for miles each day. I have dug out multiple times to go chase wildlife and visit neighborhood dogs. Fencing will need to be secure since the husky compels me to explore, though I'm not much of a digger elsewhere in the yard. My prey drive is strong, but I have never shown aggression towards anything larger than a rodent.

I currently live in Santa Rosa.

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