Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • 5 years
  • Adopted Dec 31, 2016
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Meet Epic!


Zeppo is a large 95 pound male with a huge head. He is from Czech working lineage and was purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks. He is 5 year old dominant, confident, aloof and powerful GSD.  He has prey drive, is very focused and alert and loves to play tug. He understands French and completes commands at speed. He prances as he focus heels.

Strangers - We approached his owner and greeted him, ignoring Zeppo. He made no attempt to engage us, just studied and watched. Other people walked by the park and he had no interest. After a couple of minutes we engaged Zeppo and he changed instantly,  moving fast into our legs and pushing into our knees. He happily allowed hands on and appreciated affection. After 30 seconds he moved away and again ignored us. We did not test Zeppo with small children, however, his owner says he has zero interest. That said, this is not a dog to have kids jumping on him or running around. 

Other dogs - Zeppo lives with another large dogs.  However, he is not good with smaller dogs.

Cats - Zeppo lives with and plays with a cat!!!!

On leash - Zeppo has been trained in French. Upon "Au Pied" Zeppo immediately locks into your left knee, looks up into your eyes and prances by your side. If you stop, he stops immediately, we were able to reverse heel and go sideways and Zeppo remained 100% focused and by the knee. Asseid, Couche, Daboo, Reste, Au Pied were all followed fast and flawlessly. This is as fun as it gets, if this is your gig.  We can share videos upon request.

Nose - he has been trained in nose work and the trainer thought he was excellent. Owner does not play nose games with Zeppo.

Play - Zeppo loves tug, but be careful as he is fast and powerful. He likes balls.

Training - He is very food motivated, crate trained and house trained, sleeping in the crate voluntarily. He loves the car. He has not been trained SchH.

Food - he is fed Taste of the Wild and a big bone every day. He rather strangely, loves lettuce. Each week friends visit the house and for good behavior he is served a small salad and snarf's it down!

IMPORTANT - Zeppo is a working line dog who is large, powerful and intense. If you have training experience and a lifestyle for a dog like this he will be the dog of your dreams. The best analogy we can provide is that if you are an inexperienced swimmer you would hopefully not ignore a sign on the beach that said BEWARE strong currents and tides.  Please do not apply to adopt Zeppo unless you can demonstrate experience with similar dogs.

Zeppo is in Newport Beach!

Epic awaits......


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