Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • 1 year
  • Adopted Sep 17, 2016
  • Good with Cats? Unknown
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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What you can’t see about Archie is that he’s a huge love bug, full of funnies and affection.  He loves his head and body massaged - nearly falling asleep even after 10 seconds.  He has the cutest, sweetest and most gentle personality and disposition.  His foster mom has taken him on vacations; everyone falls in love with his darling, easy-going nature.

Archie is about a year old and has been with us for a couple months while he recovered from unfortunate neglect.  He is now healthy, happy and big.  He has entropion which did not reverse itself with weight-gain and good health, so he will have surgery on Sept 9th.  His recovery will be several very careful months, and then he will be as good as new.  To read about entropion, check this out.  

Archie loves playing with other dogs, and he’s a good hang out dog.  If you’re looking for a second dog in your home, we will want to know your dog’s play style for compatibility.  If Archie would be an only dog child, he will be a wonderful companion.  He is nearly trustworthy in the house (read nearly out of puppy shenanigans) but he can’t be trusted around food. :)  His manners are good, but he does need training with his new family.  He is potty trained and crate trained.  When traveling, he lays in his crate and simply falls asleep.  He is quiet in the yard, but will let out some barks if he sees people or dogs to play with.  Archie has a squirrel and running kitty prey drive, so no little critters for Archie.

Archie will make a great companion.  He is very low key and low energy, but he loves to retrieve and will always give the ball up for more play.  He would enjoy walks and outings with his people; he tests the no-leash recall sometimes, so it’s important that his people keep him on leash during outings.

This big pup is now a year old.  He is 75 pounds, and still needs to gain 10+ pounds, which should come during this next year.  Currently, he is eating 6 cups of very healthy dog food daily; expect his food bill to be about $80 a month. Archie’s first owner said he was a GSD, but since he is now a healthy dog, it’s evident his predominant breed is not GSD.  Whatever he is, he is sweet, affectionate, lovable, low-key, big and soft and fluffy.  (Pssst - He will have a DNA test soon; what do YOU think he is?)




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