Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Jul 5, 2016
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Jake is a 14 month old boy, who has presence. He is small for a GSD weighing just 50 lb, so he is the perfect size for someone who loves the breed, but cannot manage a larger dog.

This boy attended formal training at a boarding school and has all of his basics in place. He can be a bit aloof with strangers, and is not a dog who will run up to jump on a passing person.

Jake is very attentive to his owner and looks to his person for direction. Jake will do best with an owner who can teach him how to meet other dogs while on lead. He currently lives with 2 cats and a Border Collie sister as well as a teenaged two legged sister. He has been fine with the cats, but will give chase as they run so we are saying cat workable.

With respect to appropriate dog interactions, he has not had the opportunity to practice as much as he needs to.

He is house trained and trustworthy when left but may need some direction around counter surfing :) Honestly, who is not tempted by goodies left unattended? If you are looking for a small young male who will devote himself to you, and you can commit to good daily exercise and continued training please apply. He has been well cared for and has all vetting in place.

Jake is being rehomed by his owners due to a change in their housing.

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