Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 4+ years
  • Adopted Nov 5, 2015
  • Good with Cats? No
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Ellie is predominately German Shepherd Dog with a bit of Siberian Husky mixed in.  She is very, very smart, and she's talkative - traits in both breeds.  Foster mom Brittany says that everywhere Ellie goes, Ellie can't wait to meet them, and people gravitate to Ellie, perhaps because of her very fast wagging tail.

Ellie was initially purchased as a wee-pup by her owner.  During her 5 years, she has traveled extensively with her family (good in the car!), has experienced the land (has had many good nature walks), has met lots of people (very social) and was very loved.  When Ellie came for her evaluation, she immediately ran up to the three volunteers to say hi.  There was no hesitation in meeting us strangers; she was great!  When we introduced Ellie to a few foster dogs, she did well, although was not playful with them.  After passing her evaluation, she settled into her foster home with a few quiet dogs.  She also became comfortable in her new foster home almost immediately; we know Ellie will have a smooth transition upon going to her new furever home.

Ellie loves to play ball with her person; the Chuck-It is one of her favorite things.  She is completely trustworthy in the house during the day and at night.  You may know Siberian huskies are quite talkative; Ellie can be talkative, but she's not anywhere near as bad as most. :)  

Ellie is NOT good with cats or critters.  Her previous owner says Ellie hunts gophers and tries to dig them out of their underground homes.  

This 5 year old is a vibrant, energetic girl who would make a fantastic running or hiking partner.  She is light on her feet and is always ready to go.  She'll make a great companion, but she'd do very well out and about, exploring nature and meeting new people.  While Ellie is good with other dogs, she would prefer to be the only dog; this is what we'll be looking for in Ellie's future.

Ellie does resource guard her food bowl, and therefore she should not go to a home with children.

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