Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Dec 12, 2015
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Cindy Foster loves Contessa and just sponsored her yet again! Thanks a bunch, Cindy!

Contessa is thrilled with being sponsored by Renee Coffeen yet again - thanks Renee!

Contessa is our latest Beauty Queen in the making.  This poor girl has been severely neglected for years, and she certainly looks it.  However, her attitude is wonderful, she is alert and happy and interested in everything going on around her.

This is a true rescue story.  Contessa was at the shelter, and due to her medical condition, she could go only to Rescue.  Having had experience with rehabbing her medical condition, we didn't have to think twice about bringing her into rescue.  Her body condition is horrid, she's a bag of bones, she has less than 10% of her fur.  On the way home from the shelter, we took her to Dr. Gilman at Bishop Ranch for a once-over, a blood test, ear packing for severely infected ears and a few other things.  After getting a plan together, she went home with Susan to learn what it's like to be spoiled in a loving home.

Two of Contessa's saviors are Karen and Susan.  

Contessa's recuperation will take several months, but any warm, loving and affectionate fosterer can take her home and see her through this.  She is on daily medication (that we pay for), she will be on a medicated food until her intestines are stable (we pay for that too), and she needs a medicated bath at least every week for the next several weeks; we supply the shampoo, you supply the massage from your loving hands.  We're giving her supplements, also, which we pay for.  

At the shelter, we introduced her to another female german shepherd.  Contessa was very interested to see and smell the other dog through the fence, and then Contessa walked away.  She's meeting Susan's two dogs, all of whom are doing well together.  We're keeping her from playing because, literally, her skin cracks and bleeds upon contact.  Over the next week, her medication should serve her well, and she'll be feeling much better.

As we said, Contessa's recuperation will take several months, but she will heal well.  Due to the severity of her skin damage, she'll likely have some bald spots, but most of her skin will rejuvenate, and fur will once again begin to grow.  We believe she'll have a black and tan coat because we can see some gold fur here and there.  Chances are that she will not have too many long lasting affects from her neglected condition. We believe Contessa is between 2 and 3 years old.  She should end up weighing between 65 and 70 pounds.

Contessa is quite the character!

1 month later - Contessa is doing very well. She's almost finished with her medication and now she's just on good nutritious food with plenty of love. She's learning how to play with toys (she loves balls); loves to spend time with her foster siblings and going for walks. She is appropriate with all breeds, large and small and has met several kitties who she likes. She sleeps in her crate at night but if truth be told, she would rather be on the sofa ! Even though we do not let foster dogs off leash as a rule, she is quite the exception. She will follow closely but will wait for you to catch up. She is surprisingly energetic and has a great pep in her step. She still wears protective clothing to shield her from the sun and harmful allergens. Contessa went to a restaurant today in Danville and sat beside the table quiet as a mouse. If you like to take this girl everywhere with you - she is it. LOVES the car rides, knows commands such as sit, wait, down, stay and come. Her fur is coming back like new fuzzies and she is just completely adorable. Contessa has her own blog. It's, please sign up to follow her funny antics.


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