Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Sep 3, 2015
  • Good with Cats? Unknown
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Sochi is a bit over 12 months.  She's a black and red small German female.  

Sochi is a very happy girl.  She springs out of her crate because there's stuff to do outside; she loves to run around, and she's happy with whatever is going on.  She likes outside so much it's sometimes difficult to get her to come in. *smiles*

Sochi can be submissive so her new family must understand her gentler side.  She's not fearful, not cautious and not timid; training will be a good exercise for her to gain confidence and feel comfortable.  While she has not had any training, she is beginning to understand routine.  She will benefit most from a strong leader who will guide her into making the right decisions, rather than letting her work things out for herself.  

Sochi is good with all dogs she's being fostered with.  She plays with some, she runs with others.  Sometimes she just hangs out.  She has fairly extreme energy; running, hiking and/or very long daily walks will be a requirement for this girl.

Sochi has already been spayed, and she's waiting for her furever family to come meet her in the east bay.

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