Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Jul 18, 2015
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Rayne is a real sweet girl.  She LOVES other dogs, preferring to have a doggie playmate.  She is a good dog-park-social type of dog; actually, she's a bit annoying because she likes dogs so much.  She has shared her foster home with several kitties, which she's completely respectful of.

Rayne is about 1 year old.  She is gentle, sweet and cautiously friendly.  While she is very friendly, she does lack trust with humans, but she's learning humans are good.   Currently, she will come as close as 3 feet, wag her tail and smile.  We're working on getting her to accept grabbing for her collar.  Tricking her with some nice petting is working well. :)

While at the shelter, she climbed a chainlink fence to get to two pitties; all she wanted was to be with the dogs and play.  We accepted her into the program, knowing she could climb a fence simply because she did so to be with other dogs.  Since being in foster care, little miss Rayne has proven to be proficient at climbing chainlink fences to get to other foster dogs and her foster mom while in a different area of the property.  While this is challenging, at least she escapes her yard to BE with dogs and people.  She does not want to run away!

The best home for Rayne would be one where she is able to be with her people much of the time and have a secure crate, kennel or room to stay in when not supervised.  We know this doesn't fit everyone, but we're certain the right person will succeed in keeping her happy, exercised and tired.

She is a gentle level 2 dog in a foster home in the east bay.

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