Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Mar 14, 2015
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Queen told us about her sponsor Kristy Jennings - she said We Are The Champions!

Patricia Griffin just sponsored Queen and wishes her success with her adoption

Queen just joined us from Mendocino.  She's about 18 months old.

She is having many new experiences and starting to come out of her shell.  When we first met her she was leaping about like a crazy thing.  Within an hour she was resting by our feet and very comfortable with us.

This young girl seems like he is inexperienced with life, so we will get her into a great foster home where she'll get all the TLC, management and socialization that will help her become all he can be.

Queen does well with several dogs, but in all honesty, she prefers a quieter dog atmosphere.  She hasn't engaged with other dogs, but she is fine hanging out with them.  She also met Professional Test Kitty.  She very gently nibbled on kitty's ear; we allowed her to engage with the cat and she really wasn't interested.  Test Kitty gave his head bonk of approval.

To get more socialization, Queen is benefitting from a dog walker at her foster home.  Reports on her first day were excellent!  It's just a matter of time and exposure that Queen will be confident and unafraid of new things.  She's being fostered in Marin County.  She's a level 3 dog.




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