Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 4+ years
  • Adopted Apr 1, 2015
  • Good with Cats? No
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Lucky Lady Layla just joined us. She is seven years old, and as spirited and sweet as can be. She lacked some attention over the past year missing out on walks and day to day attention as her owners had a new child. This has not stopped her from having a fun loving yet attentive and bright personality. She has turned out to be a delightful companion. 

Her physical condition is excellent and she enjoys a long walk in the morning and a short walk in the late afternoon, or early evening. She can easily hike 5 miles and would be a great walking or running companion. On leash, she has learned so much in the past few weeks, including how to “wait,”  “sit” at crosswalks, and “let’s go” when her foster mom is ready to cross. She is picking up the commands right turn and left turn very well. Tricks include sit, stay, right paw shake, left paw shake, lay down, and up. Up can easily turn into a hug if she stays there too long.

Layla is the classic example of the 1-3-8 rule we talk about to people adopting a dog.  On day 1 she is whiney and unsure of herself and will be demanding of lots of attention.  By day 3 she is settling in nicely but still a little insecure.  By day 8 she feels like part of the furniture.  Really nice girl!

After a long day of training and tricks, she enjoys being brushed for a few minutes and then cozying up with a peanut butter filled toy for chewing and relaxation while her foster mom watches tv or writes emails. At night, she retires to her crate for a full night of sleep to rest up for another day. Special treats are much appreciated in her crate.

All of her dog and dog interactions have been appropriate and positive, resulting in friends with the neighborhood dogs. As for cats, although there are no overt signs of aggression, she is quite excited to meet them which tends to not go so well for her or the cat. She would do best in a home with no cats. 


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