Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • Puppy
  • Adopted Nov 30, 2014
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Diesel is certainly loved by Tania Kapila. He says a big thanks to Tania!
Diesel is also sponsored by his foster dad Rob Holloway who likes him ALOT!
Vickie Burgin just sponsored Diesel as a reward for how well he is doing. Thanks Vickie!

Diesel is about 15 months old.  He came to us with no house training, no basic obedience and an abundance of energy with zero focus that gets him in trouble. 

Now combine the fact that Diesel is a powerful young male who weighs 75 pounds and can drag a 350 pound kennel.  We think that Diesel has East European lineage.

When we first worked with him he was rude, mouthy, jumping into you and bruise you with his teeth.  He had no interest in his people.  However, has never been at all aggressive. He is great with cats and is appropriate and well mannered with other dogs.

This is not a dog for an inexperienced owner.

His foster has been working with a professional trainer.  The mouthiness and jumping up is almost completely eliminated.  Diesel is very smart and has great focus.  he wants to engage with his human and is not starting recall and offering rapid sits and downs.  He is walking well on leash but still needs continued work as he is an easily distracted juvenile.

Diesel's main issue at the moment is that he becomes over stimulated and this translates into stupidity and a lack of self control.  A powerful young male GSD in this state can be overwhelming very quickly.

All this said, his foster reports that he has the potential to be a wonderful dog with strong training capability.  He has no ball, however, he loves tug.     

Diesel will become available soon.  

If you are interested in adopting Diesel you'll need to demonstrate that you have worked with large working breeds, taken advanced 1:1 training (not pet store puppy class or beginners obedience) and your handling skills can deal with behavioral issues and a powerful juvenile.  In addition, there can be no young children or anyone in your home that might be overwhelmed by Diesel. 






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