Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Female
  • 4+ years
  • Adopted May 9, 2015
  • Good with Cats? No
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Fawn from BAGSR on Vimeo.

Fawn is sponsored by Rob Holloway - she says a big thanks to Rob! 

Fawn is also sponsored by Kathy Brinck - she knows how lucky she is!

Fawn is proud to announce her new global sponsorship deal with Kathy Brinck!

Kathy Brinck just renewed her sponsorship deal with Fawn, who is happy!  

Oh my word, Kathy Brinck just sponsored Fawn yet again - lucky girl!

Fawn is now sponsored by Peter Fortune and she says a big thank you!

Fawn is our most sponsored girl and Kathy Brinck made it happen! Woof!

Kathy Brinck just renewed her sponsorship to give fawn some real joy! 

Sweet Fawn is happy to announce that she has agreed for Peter Fortune to sponsor her! 

Looking for a very quiet companion?   A dog that doesn't ask for much?  A dog that is as gentle as could possibly be?  Fawn fits that bill in every way.

We don't know what happened to Fawn in her prior life, but she shows little emotion.  She will accept pets and brushing, but rarely will she initiate it.  She takes treats ever so gently; you can barely tell she's opened her mouth. :) She's very, very sweet.  

Fawn's perfect home would be a quieter home where someone will be home with her much of the time and/or with another dog.  She can be anxious in new homes, so having human or dog friends with her will help her get comfortable in her new surroundings.  Fawn recently went to a new foster home.  They have been walking her in open space and in retail stores where she is getting a lot of exposure and socialization; it has helped her tremendously.    

Fawn is about 6 years old.  She weighs about 55 pounds and smaller, although she could put on another 5 pounds.  She prefers the house to the yard; she'd probably like a couch too. :)

She has lived with several foster dogs and gets along nicely with all of them.  Fawn also met Professional Test Kitty.  She took a small nibble of fur and we corrected her with a strong 'no'.  She nibbled on Test Kitty's sister also, so while Fawn isn't going to maul a cat, to be safe, we'll say no cats in Fawn's furever home.

Fawn is a level 2 dog and hanging out in the east bay.


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