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  • Female
  • 1 year
  • Adopted Apr 11, 2021
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Hi everyone. My name is Amethyst. Now I know you’re probably thinking I was named for the beautiful violet crystal, but the true spiritual meaning of Amethyst is “groundedness, tranquility, and calm.” But my foster family says it’s because Amethyst is purple and purple symbolizes “loyalty and trust”.  If you met me, you’d have to wait to see my tranquil side, but you’d recognize my loyalty and trust right away. That’s really who I am! But hey, since I’m not real formal, you can call me “Amey” for short if you want.

The nice folks at the rescue think I’m about an 18 months old girl and that I'm a GSD mix of some kind. Maybe partially Belgian Shepherd? I weigh in at a little over 50 lbs, but I’m also kind of lanky and slender, but don’t let that fool you. I’m really athletic and you should see me run with my big paws and long legs. I give all the bigger Shepherds around here a real run for their money when we play chase in the yard! My foster dad says I have “good recall” too, because I always come back to him when he calls. But why wouldn’t I? How else would I get to get hugs and pets from him if I didn’t? After all, I am a very affectionate girl!

When I was rescued, I had a pretty bad case of mange and I was malnourished. So my skin was kind of icky and scabby and I had lost a lot of fur. But my foster family and my new vet took really good care of me and as you can see, almost all of my coat has grown back. I could still use to put on a few more pounds, but I’m working on that now. I sure hope whoever adopts me has a yard to play and chase balls in, and maybe another dog I can pal around and play tug of war with. That’s one of my favorite games!

I like going out on drives with my foster family and pack. But I can still get motion sickness at times, so I’m practicing getting used to longer car rides. I’m also still working on this whole “housebreaking” thing. I’m getting better, but considering I spent most of my life outside until now that’s taking a little practice too. I really like hanging out with my family and friends in the evenings, but when I get tired, I go off to my crate to sleep all by myself. Everyone seems to think it’s cool that I do that, but I’m just trying to be a good girl because I love the praise they give me when I am. Oh, and I really love going for walks with my pack or just with one person. They say I’m starting to get good “leash manners” whatever that is. All I know is I like all the sights and smells around the neighborhoods. 

I have met a lot of people going out and about, and I do like to meet polite children. I’m still not sure if I’d like to live in a home with a cat, but the rescue cats I’ve met at Petco have not really bothered me. If you have a cat and are interested in adopting me, I guess I’d have to meet yours to see if we get along.

My perfect forever home will be with a family that will love me and be active enough to keep a young inquisitive girl like me engaged and busy. Like I said, I really am all about being loyal and trustworthy, and I have a lot of love and affection for you if you’re willing to reciprocate.  So if you’re looking for an active, sweet dog that you can hang with just about anywhere, and is always up for a fun adventure, I’m your girl!

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