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  • Male
  • 2 years
  • Adopted Mar 6, 2021
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This gorgeous boy is Zak. He is a Belgian Malinois and we are guessing he is about two years old. PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING.

Zak came into the shelter as a stray and appears to have a positive background with people as he is affiliative, affectionate and meets strangers appropriately both male and female. 

This beautiful boy shows lower toy drive in this setting which means he may be less likely to remove your arm to get to his toy. He prefers people to objects and when he spots another dog he is tentative and optimistic. Soft body, wagging tail, loose mouth. Zak has not displayed any aggression or reactivity on long walks even when approached by barking, snapping small dogs. He backs up and asks his person to deal with it. Geese and cats seem a little much for him too and he has not shown great prey drive. He prefers to explore and get out of the way of any wildlife.

What is he great at? Making new friends and - Sniffing...sniffing...sniffing. Zak loves to follow his nose. We think he would really enjoy nosework and scentwork games. Given time in a scent rich environment Zak chooses sniffing over everything else. Nosework is great for building confidence as well as bleeding off energy, building focus and helping establish a great relationship with your dog. The only thing he likes more than sniffing is affection from people. He will chase a ball too and he is interested in the world around him.

What are his challenges?  We can only share what we have seen. Zak is slightly timid in the presence of dogs who present with stiff bodies. He keeps his kennel clean so we think he may be housetrained and he appears anxious when placed back in the kennel. When left alone Zak will walk the perimeter of his kennel and look for an out. He does not seem to have any leash skills and will pull. We don't know for sure but suspect he could jump or climb a fence. He is underexposed and needs patient introductions to a bigger world He can get excited and jump up, even attempt to mount if excitement really builds. We have found this to be very manageable for those who know working breeds.

Super Powers? Oh where do we start ? This is a lover boy dog. He will climb into a lap or lean in close for pets. He is lovely to walk and once he has some loose leash training he will be a dream. Zak is unreactive both on lead and off. He wants to be with people and has shown no desire to get out of the play yard if people are with him. He is playful, engaging, smart and looking to see what you want from him. He is also stunning, a wonderful example of this very special breed.

Who should apply? Only applicants with solid experience and who know how to work with dogs who show some mild anxiety or excitement. Homes with another dog or dogs may be great. Zak will need playmates who have good dog skills and will not overwhelm him.  This is a sensitive boy. We want his experiences to be positive. Someone looking for a companion Malinois. It is rare to find a dog like Zak and he is going to be a fantastic companion. He will need work, training that is appropriate for a smart, sensitive boy and someone who can be with him more often than not as he clearly wants that. 

The background story we would tell about him if we had to guess? Zak was owned by someone who gave him affection and exposure to people, maybe not so much to a bigger world. He appears untrained and his nails were long so he has not been running concrete. Many dogs were chosen as companions during lockdown by well meaning people who did not research the breed or even have dog experience. Zak has now begun to build excitement and needs to learn the appropriate ways to use that.

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