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  • Female
  • 2 years
  • Adopted Feb 20, 2021
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Hi! I’m Jessica. I’m a two year old girl dog with a beautiful fluffy coat. I'm about 70 lbs and need just a tad more groceries to fill out. I like groceries!!  I'm a healthy girl and pretty athletic. I'm not a barker, digger or fence jumper. I LOVE to ride in the car and go places with my person/people. I am good with other dogs when out-and-about and don't carry on with silly barking and reactivity. I walk pretty nice on my front clip harness but tend to pull a bit on my collar.  I was good with my bath and getting blow dried. I have to keep my pretty coat looking it's best after all.  I ignored the resident cat at my foster home. Granted my foster family kept her in another room cause she's a grouchy old cat but I ignored her nonetheless. I am fine in a crate and also have nice house manners. I enjoy just hanging out on a comfy dog bed. I would be fine keeping you company while you work!

I'm an affectionate, sweet, gentle girl BUT I do have some baggage from my prior life that I'm working on. My friends don't know much about me other than I was a stray on the streets, appear to have had a puppy or two, and didn't get much socialization. I am a bit timid and it takes me a minute to trust new people. I try really hard and it doesn't take me long to trust you but you will need to go slow and let me figure it out on my time. Once we are pals, I will follow you everywhere (like a good GSD does) and put all my trust and faith in you to keep me safe. I like to be with my family and someone that is home most of the time would be best. I need more slow socializing and do well on walks but don't like strangers reaching for me or wanting to pet me (you probably don't either).  I need help building my confidence and learning the world is pretty fun.

As I mentioned, I am fine with other dogs when I'm out-and-about but prefer not to share my home with another dog. I tend to want my people to myself and have been reactive to other dogs in the home when they get to friendly with my people. Maybe after a while this will change and another would be welcome as I do like other dogs but for now, just us please. I really need a quiet home without kids (they are just too much for me) and without a lot of strangers coming and going. I'm trying hard to learn to trust strangers but really need your help to build my confidence, keep me safe and show me it's all good. I'm not too skittish of traffic and typical noises when out walking, it's more unknown people that scare me - you know, quick movement of hands, running towards me, feeling chased and trapped, etc.  

I'm currently in Windsor learning to play with other dogs and meet new people. If you think we would be a good match, I would love to meet you.  

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