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  • Adopted Jan 2, 2021
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Hana is a 9 week old Belgian Malinois. We know that many people will be captivated by her puppy cuteness and stunning looks - we also know that she is not going to be a puppy for the average applicant.

Hana is already showing us her Belgian Shepherd talents. She has a good nose, some good tug drive and she is a very active puppy. She learns lightening fast which is a wonderful thing for someone who knows the breed and loves to train. The flip side is that she will remember if you are not crystal clear with her and may develop some unwanted habits.

Hana is a very sociable puppy, good with people and other dogs. She has not displayed over the top drive, her focus is good but not all consuming. She is not a happy crate puppy - we are working on this.  

IF you are able to demonstrate that you have raised working breed puppies and that you have solid Belgian Malinois experience as an adult please fill out an application and let us know you are interested in Hana.  Applicants without these qualifications will not be considered for this puppy. We will be looking for applicants who understand firm, fair boundaries and have a good understanding of evidence based training methods.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to sharing more.

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Please take 3-4 minutes and complete our application form. Our adoption team will spring into action to help you adopt this dog.

If you have already completed the application and are approved, please phone or text your adoption counselor and we will set up a meeting.

Unsure? Email us at [email protected] and one of our team will answer or get back to you within hours!