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  • Adopted Aug 22, 2020
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Hi there! My name is Josie. I was rescued by some amazing, loving people, so my former not so easy life is finally behind me. I used to live on a river with someone that tried their best to take care of me. I would wander off and was picked up several times by the doggie police. Since I was not taken care of and was in danger of getting hurt, the doggie police gave my owner some choices. I thought he would come to get me, but he never did. Now I'm looking for my very own person to hang out with during my sunset years. I'm hoping my new person won't mind my old dog issues and will love to go on lots of short walks. I love to go on walks!

Before I get to all of the wonderful things about me, I do have to share some of the not so good stuff. I have arthritis in the back part of my body. I have a funny growth behind my ear that the doctor said is not dangerous to my health and I've had many untreated ear infections that makes one of my ears a little sensitive. The worst part is that I had tons of those irritating little bugs that made me itch and lose my fur on my rear end. I definitely had a stretch of bad fur days!

Now for the good stuff...lots of good stuff! My foster mom got rid of all of those irritating bugs. My fur is looking lovely and I no longer smell like a dead rat! My ear infections are long gone and I'm on lots of good supplements so my arthritis doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did before. My foster mom takes me on a couple of short walks at day, which are the best part of my day! Did I say how much I love to go on walks? Currently, I have two big dog friends that I get along with just fine. Dogs that move quick up in my face kind of irritate me though. My foster mom calls me the Fun Police! When my foster mom corrects me with her voice, my feelings get hurt. I was around small dogs at my last foster home and like them fine, but I haven't been around cats. I am very interested when I see squirrels though, so maybe those cats would be fun to chase.  I'm not that fast, so I probably couldn't catch one. I never make messes in the house, my foster mom can leave me and I just sleep. She doesn't know this, but I do wait for her and am so happy when I see her walk through the door. I love to lean on her and it feels so good when she loves on me. I also love big, comfy dog beds. I usually move from one to the next when my foster mom and I aren't doing anything exciting. I've only barked once for my foster mom, but my foster brother guards the house, so I don't have to. The vets aren't sure of my age, but I think I'm about 8-10 years old. I could be a little younger, but my hard life shows.

So, if you have a big heart, are willing to continue my good nutrition and supplements, take me on short walks and provide me a comfy bed or two, I'd like to be your new best friend. I’m hoping my sunset years can be much better than my earlier years. You know what they say “old is gold”!

If you'd like to meet me, I'm living in Granite Bay with my foster mom and dog brother and sister.

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