Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • 2 years
  • Adopted Jun 3, 2020
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Hi, I'm Casey, I'm 3 years old, come from a special mix of breeds, I'm tall and handsome, and I like long walks on the beach - or along the river, or in a park, or maybe even in the mountains!  I just know I'll like going out with you!  (As long as we stay properly distanced from everyone else, for now.)

I'm a young dog with good energy.  It's not over-the-top-can't-stop energy; but more like, hey-a-walk-or-run-or-even-a-car-ride-would-be-cool;-or-we-could-chase-the-ball-or-maybe-just-hang-out-and-pet-me-for-a-while kind of energy.  I'm actually kind of mellow, yet active when it counts...

Likes: Balls! Rope toys!  Treats! Ooh.. belly rubs and body massages, yeah! And, naps - especially in the sun! Snacks! Runs or walks! Playing with dogs!  Playing tug! Chasing squirrels!  Did I mention, Food!? Car rides are fun, too! I even like the word, "Sit," because I always get a treat afterwards! Ha ha! (p.s. I don't like, "Stay!")  

Dislikes: Being left alone.. my best trick is being your shadow! Strangers.. let's make friends, please!? The word, "No." Rainy days. Squirrels!

Special talent: I can jump up and hug you on command!

Favorite time of day: Meal time! Or, ball time.. or, maybe it's nap time! How about when I'm chewing on the ball, on my bed, outside in the sunshine, with you!

Most important question for you?  Would you please toss me that ball!?

I've had a sheltered life, so even though I'm a fun and friendly guy, I'm still quite shy around new people and places. So, my new family should be sensitive to my needs and quirks. I promise to walk you, and eat with you, and do all my business outside - even if you don't (hoomans are weerd, sometimes). Whaddya think?

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