Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • 3 years
  • Adopted Feb 11, 2020
  • Good with Cats? Workable
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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My name is Cedric. You may be wondering how I got such a sophisticated name... Well, I was named after a beloved animal control officer who is kind to everyone. And, my name actually means "kind and  loved". According to my new friends, the name suits me to a T. 

I'm a 3 year old black GSD. I weigh about 75 pounds. I'm a sweet gentle boy who loves to be with my people. I'm engaging, affiliative, and tenderly affectionate.

Even though I would cherish a family where my humans are home a lot because my favorite thing is to be with my people, I do perfectly fine if I have to be left alone. I'll patiently wait for you to return so we can hang out. 

I will quickly become a loyal member of my new family; I'll bond quickly and closely.

I am gentle and appropriate with other dogs. I may be cat workable if I'm with someone who's skilled with dog/cat introductions and will supervise early interactions. I pay close attention to squirrels and when they run I want to chase; I do have a bit of a prey drive.  

When I'm on leash, sometimes I bark with excitement when I see other dogs. But I walk nicely on leash right beside my person and will stick close when off leash. I definitely come when I'm called - if I do let you get away - haha. 

I know some basic obedience, am housebroken and have beautiful house manners. I take treats gently and really respond to verbal praise. I am a quick learner!

I ride politely in the car and settle quickly in a crate. I don't mind grooming at all and tolerate all-over handling including touching of my paws and teeth.

I had a super fun day out with my friends Hilary and Al; I was a perfect gentleman when we visited stores and parks and was friendly and appropriate when I met new people - I even ignored their food! I really enjoy going out and about with my people meeting new friends and getting pets and attention. I'm great with kids too.

People who know me say that I have a steadfast, reliable temperament and that I will make such a fabulous companion for someone who appreciates the awesomeness of us GSDs. They say that I am willing, sweet, bright, and responsive and that I am a very special dogs - the kind that some people never get to meet in a lifetime.

My foster family say that I am the most mellow foster dog they've ever had. 

I'll be in Mill Valley waiting for my new humans. I hope to meet you!

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