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  • Adopted Sep 27, 2019
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Yes we know he is not a GSD- not even close. But he is a smart, relational, engaging, and so much fun 3 and a half month old puppy. 

Meet Tanner. A better name may have been Shaky Jake because Tanner can be a bit of a fraidy cat. When we found him at the shelter he had not moved from his blanket for two days. Poor little puppy just stayed frozen. He rode home hidden under the seat but within a few hours in his foster home Tanner was showing us that his tail knew how to wag.

Tanner is unfolding to be a delightful puppy. He has a full body wag now, gives gentle kisses and is great with other dogs. He has learned to love laps, will relish a puppy massage and he has a great nose for finding things. He is curious, learns very quickly and really likes to be with his people. He is still a little bit afraid to approach strangers can find the nearest hiding place and while on his leash walks will try and hide under cars. 

Tanner is crate trained, doing great with his house training and now rides nicely in the car. He is learning about the leash and walks nicely in his harness. He is discovering toys and we are having so much fun watching him learn about the world. He is very responsive so training is a joy. His breed is unknown. He looks like he may be pitbull but he also has features that are very pointer like. He's about 20 pounds. His nose is longer and his feet are webbed. We don't know if his tail points because it is either wagging from joy or tucked under if he's worried. One silly fact is that when Tanner gets worried he begins to hiccup. It quickly resolves as he realizes he is safe.

Tanner will need and deserves a home that will take their time to expose him in a thoughtful way. He can get scared and try to bolt or make himself very flat hoping the scary thing goes away.  He rallies quickly but dogs like this require gentle, patient socialization so they can form great associations with the world.  As I type this he is going between me and the toy basket to bring each toy over and place it in the dog bed at my feet.  He will not run up to greet strangers like a typical puppy but instead needs to build trust. With his people by his side he gets to experience new things like going to the park and walking on leash.

Tanner is gaining confidence in at his foster home as he knows that's a safe place. He's also making some progress while he's out and about but will need that special someone to continue to build him up and show him some fun.

Tanner is a prize for the lucky person or family that proves they are worthy of this special boy.

He will be getting rich exposure while he is waiting at his foster home in Walnut Creek

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