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Meet Leon Redbone. That seems like a big name for such a little pup but Leon has a big personality. This adorable Imposter does not look much like a GSD so how did he wind up here?  

We saw that a GSD puppy had been brought in to a local shelter and when we went to meet him we were unable to identify too many GSD features, but he captured our hearts none the less and puppies do not do well in shelters.

Leon has a fluffy double coat and a darling little rabbit tail - we suspect that he is an Aussie mix. This little ball of bear cub deliciousness is already showing some athleticism and desire to explore. He is attentive, responsive and very relational.

Leon wants to be with people, he seems to love everyone and he is very respectful of other dogs. We think he will be a very fun backpacking buddy, paddle board partner, demo dog, or maybe even a herding dog.  In our experience the herding breeds have quick minds and lightning fast reflexes. They are dogs who are well suited to people who really want to be challenged as they seek new ways to keep the dog engaged. Of course all of this is speculation based on observation as we have no clue what he really is.

Leon will be a wonderful companion. If you have experience with super smart dogs and the energy and ability to work with one please let us know. This boy will be FUN!

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