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  • Female
  • 1 year
  • Adopted Apr 25, 2019
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Glenda is an approximately 1 year old German Shepherd (or slight mix) who was picked up as a stray in very poor condition in Mendocino county by a well meaning homeless couple, they traveled with her to Berkeley and soon realized that her care was a bit more than they could comfortably handle. 

Glenda was surrendered to Paw Fund and immediately gave birth to her puppies during her stray hold period (surprise!!). She has been in a foster home as her pups grow and is a wonderful mother who is now more than ready to find a home of her own! 

Glenda is extremely gentle with people and has never met a stranger, this girl really knows how to make friends and truly loves being around people. 

She has met children and did well with gentle, dog savvy kids under supervision, although small kids could easily be knocked over by her loving advances. 

She walks well on a leash and pulls very minimally despite having zero formal training, she loves her walks and “checks in” often to make sure you’re still right behind her. 

Glenda is good in a crate and is generally a very quiet girl, not an excessive barker. She seems to be house trained and will ask to go outside once she gets oriented in a house. Being a frisky young dog she will steal little things like socks, tissues, or your cell phone if not provided with more appropriate toys and stimulation but is generally quite good in the house. 

Glenda is still being assessed with other dogs but does show some nervousness/insecurity around them, she would benefit from structured training to increase her confidence and polish her manners. 

She will be tested with cats before placement. 

Glenda is up to date on all core vaccines and routine medical care, she has had recent blood work done and will be spayed and microchipped before permanent placement. 


Hans was born on 2/25/19 to his mother Glenda. We speculate that his father may be a husky mix because of his thick sable coat but only Glenda knows for sure! 

Hans is the mellowest and largest of the three littermates, he tends to defer to his two smaller sisters and is a very sweet and balanced boy. 

He is expected to be a large dog at maturity and is very chunky and handsome, his floppy ears are standing more every day and we expect them be prick/standing ears at maturity. Despite being on the mellower end in his litter he will still be an active dog who requires training as well as plenty of exercise and socialization, he would love to live with another dog but will not be adopted out with littermates. 

Hans will be up to date on core vaccines, medical care, and will be microchipped before placement, he will be neutered at an appropriate age. 


Hetta is the most assertive of the three littermates and is very people oriented, she loves to play and is very food motivated...this girl likes to party! 

Hetta tends to be the first in the litter to do everything, her ears stood up first, she gets to the toys first, and she always makes sure to be the first to the food. She will need an active home that will continue providing her with structure, training, socialization, and plenty of time to just run and be a dog. She has tons of personality and will make a wonderful active companion! 

Hetta would love to be adopted to a home with another dog but will not be adopted out with her littermates.

Hetta will be up to date on core vaccines, medical care, and will be microchipped before placement, she will be spayed at an appropriate age. 


Heidi is the smallest of the litter and despite needing some extra help early on has become a very active and extremely playful pup, she LOVES her toys and will proudly carry just about anything around. 

She’s extremely curious and loves to explore her surroundings once she gets comfortable, this is a very smart puppy who seems to love problem solving and using her brain! Her ears have begun to stand within the last week and we expect her to have standing/prick ears at maturity, she will likely be a medium sized dog. 

Heidi would do well in an active home that provides her with ample engagement and exercise, she’d love to live with another dog but will not be adopted out with littermates. 

Heidi will be up to date on core vaccines, medical care, and will be microchipped before placement. She will also be spayed at an appropriate age. 

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