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  • Adopted Feb 15, 2019
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Everybody loves puppies!! This darling girl was purchased after being spotted in a Facebook ad for a litter of puppies. Facebook and Craigslist are favorite listing places for backyard breeders and as a result the shelters are filled with young dogs who went to owners who weren't prepared. There is literally no way to find homes for the number of dogs who need them. PLEASE do not patronize the backyard breeders who are directly responsible for puppies being killed in shelters.

We know that's a strong statement and we hope you will take the time to look at the statistics.

Puppies require lots of time and need people who understand developmental stages in dogs, proper socialization, nutrition , and who have lots and lots of time for training and exercise. Puppies can get into way more trouble than toddlers and their sharp teeth can rip and tear tender skin or furniture.  As they grow their developing brains require lots of stimulation and firm fair boundaries. THEY ARE SO MUCH WORK!!  In return you will have a partner who will give so much more than you will ever be able to match.

This little girl is fortunate. The person who purchased her realized they weren't ready for a puppy and reached out to us right away. Our evaluator screened her and she went to a foster who specializes in young puppies. She is confident, engaging, adventurous, and GSD smart. We think she may have some Husky in her but without a DNA test we cannot know for certain what her background is. She has great structure, solid movement and a glorious tail that curls over her back as she runs on those thick baby legs.  She is getting some wonderful basics in her foster home. Her name means Pearl and everyone who has met her agrees that she is a jewel !

If you have really solid experience, plenty of time, thrive on activity,  and the ability to commit the next 10-15 years to her care then please apply.  We are very careful when placing puppies.  This girl is a prize- will you be the big winner?

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Please take 3-4 minutes and complete our application form. Our adoption team will spring into action to help you adopt this dog.

If you have already completed the application and are approved, please phone or text your adoption counselor and we will set up a meeting.

Unsure? Email us at [email protected] and one of our team will answer or get back to you within hours!