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  • 1 year
  • Adopted Jan 12, 2019
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October 13, 2018

Mixed Breed NEUTERED male, 1 year old and 69 pounds.

UPDATE FROM CASA DE LAURA: Frankie spent a few hours in daycare recently. He had a very difficult time getting the courage to jump into the cab of the truck to be transported, and was eventually picked up and put into it. He calmed down after a few minutes, and rode well during the 10 minute drive. Once out of the truck, he was appropriately cautious as we walked into the backyard, but did not stray far from the house. He did respond to encouragement to explore the yard, following me around, and once comfortable, explored at will. He looked up when called, but didn't come. He jumped up on me a few times, and this behavior will need to be corrected with training. He also didn't sit when told, and seemed to not have any training on him. After he relaxed, he went into the kennel so the other dogs could come out and meet him. He was very interested in them, and wanted to play. I let him play with one of the females for a bit, and it went well. He was very cautious coming inside the house, but did have the curiosity to explore. He was unable to find a place to lay down to relax, and instead wandered around the house. When he tried to get on the couch, I told him "no" and "off" and he seemed to understand. I showed him some treats, and he sat easily, and even offered his paw! He also catches treats in the air! It was easier to get him back in the truck to take him back to the shelter, and he rode well. Aside from jumping on me, he did well. I believe he's a cautious dog, but once he feels comfortable, he does well. He would benefit from a training class.

UPDATE NOV. 28: Frankie is a wonderful and loving dog. He was well mannered during his photo update--easy to leash up and walk-- and a joy to be around. He knows SIT & SHAKE, and we're pretty sure he would excel in canine training classes, as he looks like he has German Sheperd Dog and Border Collie in his makeup--two VERY smart breeds. We loved his little socks, which he has on all four feet! Frankie was a little bit shy and was not a cuddler, but he sure loves to play fetch and catch with tennis balls!

Frankie is a stunning, uber-handsome dog. Although this good-looking guy is people-oriented, he's also shy and a little nervous. He enjoys playing with tennis balls and he's easy to leash and walk. We think that with some TLC and oodles of love and attention, Frankie will be able to feel more comfortable. Frankie will need to meet any potential canine roomies, as he was nervous when he met our tester dog, Chipper, during his meet and greet. Check back for updates as our volunteers and staff spend time with Frankie.

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