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  • Female
  • Puppy
  • Adopted Sep 23, 2018
  • Good with Cats? Workable
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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Woof, woof! I've been sponsored by Robin Altman and I couldn't be happier!!!!

My name is Sandy. I’m a growing 57 pound girl GSD and am about 9 months old.

I am a typical youngster and with the right direction will grow up to be a lovely companion dog. But first things first! It’s important for me to have some leadership, guidance and a family with patience. I am super smart and observant.  My new family will need to stay one step ahead of me. I quickly figured out how to open doors with levers, lift garbage lids, and swipe shoes. But I’ve learned that doesn’t mean I can steal garbage or destroy shoes, so if you teach me what’s not ok, I will listen.  

I’ll need someone who can commit to exercise and training sessions throughout the day to keep my mind and body occupied and to help me learn what’s expected of the best GSDs. I'm a quick learner and have a good start with some basic skills. I like treats but not more than watching activities around me. I'm sure we can find a really good training motivator for me know something like a cell phone is to a teenager! Add dog school and I will really excel. 

I’m still mouthy and I still jump up on people. With the right guidance though this will all change.

I love dogs and I don’t discriminate - the playful ones, the mean ones, the little ones, the rough and tumble ones, the shy ones... just to name a few.  Because of my bubbly personality, I need help learning when it’s not ok to approach.  I am a respectful dog when I do approach and have convinced even the shy little puppies to trust me. I’d love a dog sibling, or two or three or more, somebody I can play with and be a role model for me would be ideal!

I'm easy to take anywhere. I'm not reactive to environmental stimulants and not easily fazed by new encounters. I’m confident and is more curious than nervous in new situations. Fireworks, crowded places, loud noises do not concern me. My nerves are good, I’m a solid dog to take places and I mean places!  

I’ve no reservation in trying out new things.  

I love water! The creek, the hose, the wading pool, the little puddle… as long as it’s water, I love it.  

If you have working dog puppy experience and are up for some puppy escapades, maybe we can meet. I can guarantee some good laughs along our adventure together. 

I’ll be waiting with my foster mom in Morgan Hill.

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