Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
  • Male
  • 3 years
  • Adopted May 8, 2018
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Raisin is 3 years old and a complete love bug. Picked up as a stray he was extremely malnourished and missing most of his fur but after a short stay with his amazing foster parents, he has gained over 28 pounds (he's now 78 lbs and an ideal weight) we see his personality bursting at the seams. He was named Raisin for his wrinkly dark bald body but we now see that there was a stunning sable GSD waiting to be found.

His beautiful coat is coming in and he is going to be IMPRESSIVE. His foster family LOVES him dearly and will work with his family on his nutritional needs. He has been eating an all raw diet and if his new family wishes to continue with that his friends at San Francisco Raw Feeders will be a great resource.

Raisin is fun to train, he is a smart, engaging young GSD. He lives with 3 resident GSD siblings (2 females and a male) and has no issues. He enjoys meeting other dogs and likes to snuggle with his pack. Adores people and if you have a pillow and a sofa, he wants to meet you! A very gentle and caring soul, he needs you to help him blossom into the wonderful dog he is.

We are seeing that Raisin is getting more confident as he become stronger. and begins to feel like a young Shepherd again. Watching this boy is like seeing the Benjamin Button movie. He is blossoming from a wrinkled, frail, tail wagging bag of bones into a confident, strong, active young dog. Raisin really is a very special boy.

Raisin will want to go everywhere with you and he loves to explore, hike or walks along the sand at the beach. He has his own fan club and at a recent adoption event there was a line of people who had all come to meet Raisin Prepare yourself for life with a public figure!

His adopters will need to have good experience with the breed or similar breeds and be committed to meeting his ongoing training and nutritional needs. This will not be a couch potato dog. if Raisin is calling to you let us know. He is still receiving medication for his ears and has an appointment to have two back teeth extracted. Raisin would LOVE to be in his new home bonding as soon as possible so we are happy to provide the last of his vetting while he is with his new family.

Don't wait, this boy is AWESOME.

Raisin is waiting in the East Bay.

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