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Something really special happened at the Santa Rosa adoption event on Saturday. But first, here’s a little bit of the background…

Last week we were contacted by Diamonds In The Ruff – No Limits, an organization that specializes in service and therapy dog training for people with PTSD asking if we might have a candidate for their program. After a lengthy conversation between JJ Jacobson of BAGSR and Joellen Burton of Diamonds In The Ruff, it was decided that our organizations could really benefit each other. We could potentially provide a dog to train with Joellen and her group, with the ultimate goal of that dog being adopted and servicing someone with PTSD; what an exciting win win for everyone!

Fast forward to our event in Santa Rosa which started at 11:00am and Joellen and her team were there right on the dot to take a look at our dogs. After consulting with JJ about the temperament and personality of each dog attending the event, it was determined that Else may be a good fit. Joellen immediately put Else through a field test of sorts where she evaluated if Else had any sensitivities to noises, cars, people, etc. Well, our girl Else passed and Joellen agreed to foster Else while she goes through some more testing to make sure she's ok with sirens, elevators, escalators - basically everyday things that people experience.  If all goes well, Else will begin training to be a service dog to eventually help someone in need. We are so grateful that they contacted us and so very proud of Else.

This is just the beginning of Else’s new journey so stay tuned for updates on her progress and wonderful new life.

Here's a strange one.

We typically get about 16 owner surrender calls each month and then we also get a series of requests for help with lost dogs. Three weeks ago an experienced rescue person found out about us in a pet store and emailed to say they had found a female GSD that was one year old. A few days ago we received a call from a lady who was distraught that she had lost her 3 year old GSD.

At first they seemed totally unrelated - we were talking about a 3 and 1 year old that the finder described as fawn colored whereas the owner had lost a black & tan - but something struck us as odd. Could it be?

We encouraged the owner to check this dog and guess what.... Faye found her owners and we have some super happy and tearful calls. The whole rescue took over a week. Faye and her owners have promised to drop by our event in Santa Rosa to thank us for all we do.

Our sweet Belle, who was formerly known as Chickee, is now a registered Service Dog in training and we couldn't be more thrilled for her! She even gets to wear a cool vest so people know when she's on duty.

She's already mastered basic training skills and is now moving on to more advanced Service Dog training; she's one smart girl. She goes with her new family everywhere, even on family vacations.

She got to go to the beach where she learned that eating sand is probably not a good thing. But, when she slid in the sand it flies, and well, that was just the best.thing.ever!

We're so happy for Belle and grateful to her new family for giving her so many new and exciting opportunities.


Abby became "legal" yesterday. She now officially owns Don and Judy from Pleasanton. Abby is an AKC registered GSD who was surrendered to us; her owner wished a better life for her.

Well, Abby hit the lottery in her new family. She is loved by everyone, she goes on a 3-4 mile hike every day, she swims in the lake before or after her hike, she has a toy in her mouth all the time...

She is one very, very happy old girl. We can't thank Don and Judy enough for wanting to give this 9.5 year old girl a wonderful life and loving family. We are VERY happy we could help Abby and her new family, find happiness.

Heidi began her day meeting her new, furever family from Santa Rosa. The oldest son is excited to teach Heidi everything a good dog should know. The family was instantly smitten with Heidi for her traditional GSD look, behavior and personality. Congratulations to all of you!

Heidi's story is a happy one as only a few weeks ago she was alone in the Red Bluff shelter up near Redding. The staff were fantastic and even drove Heido down some of the way towards us! A really happy ending and a great start to her next chapter!

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Wine and Wags - Sunday June 2nd

June 2nd !!

Mark your calendar for this wonderful 2nd Annual Wine & Wags event, in Livermore. Big White House Winery/John Evan Cellar has graciously offered us a spot at their beautiful winery where we will have our BAGSR table ! More than 15 wineries are sponsoring this event and many rescues are participating. Please plan on a beautiful Sunday and come do ya thing....with the wine glass thing and support our dogs. We will have a few ambassadogs there. Thank you for Carmen and Mark Battle, as well as Kathy Ramirez, who reached out to us. Who wants to have some fun in the sun?

Holiday Pup Pics 2018

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Holiday Pup Pics

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