Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

All across the Bay Area people are volunteering with German Shepherd Rescue, but what is volunteering really like?  What sort of things do people do?  How much time do you have to give up?

We volunteer because we love the dogs and want to make a difference.  We care about these poor animals that have ended up in life threatening situations through no fault of their own.  When you’ve been a part in saving a dog it’s an unforgettable experience.

One of the best things about volunteering for Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue is that most roles are very flexible about when you do them and we have jobs that take only an hour a week – and you decide when.  And best of all, most of our jobs can be done from your own home. 

The best way to start volunteering, meet the dogs and meet other volunteers is to come to one of our adoption events.  We hold several each month so it should be easy to find one that fits your schedule.  Let one of us know you’re interested and we’ll tell you about the team and the event and find out what you’re interested in doing.  It’s great fun!  You can see the current schedule of events here.

There are so many roles you can play

Keen photographer?  We try and take great pictures of our dogs at our events as a good picture helps promote the dog!

Good with the internet?  We are frequently posting on Facebook, Tweeting and much more.  You could join our marketing team and help the dogs.

Looking for a dog?  Why not foster a dog and learn more about German Shepherds? We pay for all the expenses.  It’s our favorite volunteer job as you get a free dog!

Are you good with people and know about German Shepherds?  You could be an adoption counselor and help a family find their perfect dog.

Very organized?  How about one of the many admin related roles that oil the wheels of a rescue group.  You could support our volunteer coordinator or our adoption leader. 

The point is that volunteering can suit your schedule, be done from your home and there are many ways to help.  You’ll meet awesome dogs and people and hopefully have fun while you are making a real difference to the lives of the dogs.

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Come Adopt A Lovable Pet

Wine and Wags - Sunday June 2nd

June 2nd !!

Mark your calendar for this wonderful 2nd Annual Wine & Wags event, in Livermore. Big White House Winery/John Evan Cellar has graciously offered us a spot at their beautiful winery where we will have our BAGSR table ! More than 15 wineries are sponsoring this event and many rescues are participating. Please plan on a beautiful Sunday and come do ya thing....with the wine glass thing and support our dogs. We will have a few ambassadogs there. Thank you for Carmen and Mark Battle, as well as Kathy Ramirez, who reached out to us. Who wants to have some fun in the sun?

Holiday Pup Pics 2018

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!

Holiday Pup Pics

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!


See our dogs

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How do I adopt?

Check here if you would like to see just how easy it is to adopt one of our wonderful dogs.



What is BAGSR?

We are a proud group of volunteers who love German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Click here to learn more.