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Some times when one of our dogs goes 'missing' at home, we will find them curled up in their crate. It's ironic because we often meet people who have an allergic reaction to dog crates.  They see crates as some form of jail for the dog and part of a punishment for the dog. 

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

As humans, we see things very differently.  We know the concept of the prison and having freedom restricted as a punishment.  Crate is an unfortunate word as it has so many negative associations for us humans.

The dog sees the crate through very different eyes. If you look at dogs in the wild, they look for somewhere to sleep and hide that will be safe.  The ideal spot is a cave because they can reverse in and sleep knowing they are protected from all approaches apart from the front.  he has his teeth to protect him there.  The dog sees a crate as a den or a cave.

We think that crates are an important part of training and an invaluable part of day to day life.  Lets look at some uses:

1) Give your dog a break - Kids running round the house, neighbors everywhere, why not give your dog a break and let him sleep in his caret for an hour? He will appreciate you for helping him get away from a stressful situation.

2) Set your dog up to succeed - many people complain that they went out and the dog chewed a shoe or something.  Put him in his den/crate and unless you throw a shoe in there - he won't be chewing it.

3) Give yourself a break - you need a quiet few minutes.  put your dog in the crate with a chew / bone and you'll both be happy.

4) Super fast house training - dogs don't pee or poop where they sleep.  A crate is a brilliant part of getting your puppy or new dog quickly house trained.  make sure that you don't use an adult sized crate for your pup though!

We work with our dogs and the crate is a positive part of their lives. We NEVER put a dog in the crate for doing something wrong. It's never a time out.  It's a safe space!

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Wine and Wags - Sunday June 2nd

June 2nd !!

Mark your calendar for this wonderful 2nd Annual Wine & Wags event, in Livermore. Big White House Winery/John Evan Cellar has graciously offered us a spot at their beautiful winery where we will have our BAGSR table ! More than 15 wineries are sponsoring this event and many rescues are participating. Please plan on a beautiful Sunday and come do ya thing....with the wine glass thing and support our dogs. We will have a few ambassadogs there. Thank you for Carmen and Mark Battle, as well as Kathy Ramirez, who reached out to us. Who wants to have some fun in the sun?

Holiday Pup Pics 2018

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!

Holiday Pup Pics

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!



Our dogs are super smart and learn very quickly with the right direction.  We are often asked to recommend a dog trainer by people who adopt their new dog.  Our belief is that trainer works with you to help you train your dog. Over the coming days and weeks we will be creating a list with contacts.  We will only list trainers that our members have personally worked with and recommend.

Based in Novato, they offer an extraordinary range of training and behavior classes at very affordable prices. Many of our volunteers have undertaken their dog training classes with their personal dogs.  We are huge fans of Dawn and her entire team. See them on line here and call them on (415) 883-4621


Lisa Caper runs DogOvation covering Marin County.  Several of our volunteers have worked with her and they give great reports.  Like all the best trainers her focus is more on training the owner to train the dog.  You can read all about Lisa's philosophy on her website here and phone her at : (415) 299-1158 


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