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Does your sweet, fun loving dog turn into Cujo at the end of the leash when another dog is in sight? Does he go bonkers at skateboards or bikes? Managing leash reactivity is one of the most common concerns that we hear as trainers. It can be embarrassing and stressful. It turns, what should be a time that you look forward to each day, into times of anxiety and stress for both you and your dog.

The time that you spend with your dog on the walk is one of the most important parts of your relationship. Most people only think of the walk as a way to physically exercise their dog, but walking your dog in a proper heel position works them mentally as well. A dog that is focused on where you are and what you are doing during the walk requires your dog to use impulse control. It also helps to solidify you as a leader in your dog's eyes.

The question, "why is my dog reactive on leash," is one that boils down to whether your dog feels that you are in control of yourself, the situation and environment and him. If your dog is reactive on leash, he feels that he HAS to be. You dog needs to be able to trust in you and your calm leadership.

So...your dog is reactive on are a few tips:

    1. First and most importantly, DO NOT stop taking your dog on walks. Dogs need a minimum of two 30 to 45-minute walks per day. Pent up energy and anxiety due to lack of exercise is only going to make the situation worse.
    2. What happens before you step foot out your door dictates the tone of your walk. Does your dog immediately start jumping and barking when he hears you grab your leash? Or does he fly out the door the instant you open it? By allowing you dog to leave the house in an elevated state, you are setting him (and yourself) up for failure. Work on getting your dog in a calm state of mind before leaving the house.
    3. Manage your dog's environment. Safety for you, your dog and others should be at the top of your list. Manage distance from known triggers. Be aware at all times, cell phones and text messages can wait. By managing your dog's environment, you help set him up for success.
    4. Do not stop moving! We see it all too often, a dog starts to react and the owner just stops. This allows the dog to escalate and fixate. Keep your dog moving!
    5. Learn proper leash handling skills. Is your dog at the end of the leash? Walking on a harness or retractable leash? If your dog is at the end of his leash pull or reacting at another dog and he's on a harness, you have allowed him to put himself in that position without an effective way to communicate.
    6. Control your own energy levels. Do you immediately tense up when you see another dog? When you dog is reacting to another dog, do you yell and scream? When your dog senses your anxiety it only adds to his and takes away his trust in you as a calm leader. A dog that has a leader is a dog that is respectful and relaxed. A dog who is put into a leadership position is stressed and anxious.

The most important thing to do...NEVER GIVE UP on your dog.

It’s amazing how often we encounter this problem as dog trainers and how often owners tell us that they have “tried everything”.  Yet we can usually fix it within an hour or two and set the owner up with some handling skills that will lead to a happy owner and a … happy dog.

Koru K9 Dog Training + Rehabilitation provides private dog training and puppy training in the San Francisco Bay Area. We specialize in obedience training and behavior problem solving for dogs with behavioral issues, including, but not limited to: leash aggression / reactivity, dog or human aggression, obedience, dominance issues and anxiety.

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June 2nd !!

Mark your calendar for this wonderful 2nd Annual Wine & Wags event, in Livermore. Big White House Winery/John Evan Cellar has graciously offered us a spot at their beautiful winery where we will have our BAGSR table ! More than 15 wineries are sponsoring this event and many rescues are participating. Please plan on a beautiful Sunday and come do ya thing....with the wine glass thing and support our dogs. We will have a few ambassadogs there. Thank you for Carmen and Mark Battle, as well as Kathy Ramirez, who reached out to us. Who wants to have some fun in the sun?

Holiday Pup Pics 2018

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!

Holiday Pup Pics

Come and join us and get great photos of your dog!


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