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  • Male
  • 1-3 years
  • Adopted Aug 14, 2014
  • Good with Cats? Yes
  • Good with Dogs? Both
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So, if you've never met TJ, you're missing a great dog.  He is always wearing a smile.  He loves everyone.  He doesn't have a clue he's missing a leg; one woman recently asked, "Where did his leg go?"  HUH?  

TJ is as strong as he can possibly be; he is now about 14 months old.  He has had great nutrition since being with us, and his bones are holding him up very well.  However, front tripawds have a more difficult time since a normal dog carries 60% weight on the front legs.  That means TJ is carrying 120% of his weight on his front leg.  What?  Well, you get the idea.  To allow TJ the best that life can offer, he has a wheel chair which will allow him to go on long street walks, dirt wheeling, beach walking and the like.  The only place his wheel chair can't go is in snow.

In his foster home, TJ goes on daily 1/2 mile walks and socializes at a nearby market.  He is THE best ambassador GSD anyone could hope for.  Ideally, because of his excellent disposition, and the story he could tell, TJ would be a great therapy dog in children's homes and hospitals, VA Hospitals and Cancer homes.  TJ will make everyone smile and feel better.

TJ can easily bee-bop around his house and yard without his wheel chair.  But out and about, his new family must be dedicated to having TJ in his wheel chair.  TJ is completely trustworthy in his foster home.  His favorite foods are hotdogs and chicken nuggets.  He sleeps in a crate at night, but he is a great snuggler in bed and on the couch.  No, he's not spoiled...  OK, maybe he is...

TJ is a big love.  Even without his leg, he is a whole dog.  He's just the best.

And, TJ sends lots of kisses to his admirers in Concord!

* * * * *

You may have heard about Tre-Joe, or TJ as we call him, because of his recent story on the news.  We are happy to report that TJ is doing very well after his amputation.

 While recuperating from surgery, TJ always had the sunniest disposition; he is perpetually happy and oh-so-sweet.  TJ is getting stronger every day by playing with his doggie friends, going on short walks, getting exercise around his foster homes and jumping up on counters, beds and couches.  OOPS, did we say that???  Yes, while TJ will sleep in a crate, he would much prefer to curl up with anyone on the couch or bed.  If there's any question, he's a big love puppy.
TJ is almost a year old and he is one-big-dog.  While he is healthy from the amputation, his remaining leg is going to take a lifetime of pounding.  Because we are concerned about the stress that leg would endure, TJ's biggest supporter generated a fundraiser to pay for a front end wheel chair.  Many wonderful people donated money, and his cart is paid for!  Now we will measure him and order the cart, have it custom fitted and TJ will soon be wheeling around his community.
TJ will be able to hop around his house and yard, but for walks, excursions, outings and exercise, he will need to be in his wheel chair.  TJ's new furever family will have to understand the wheel chair is a lifetime tool for him.
TJ is a community dog.  It took a large village of very caring people to keep him alive and thriving.  As we look toward TJ's future, his furever family must embrace his story, the many people who helped him, and community outreach events with TJ.  TJ is a true rescue story, and we would like TJ's family to support the Rescue plight.  If you want to consider adopting TJ, just click on Adoption Application to the right.
* * * * *
TJ was originally hit by a car and suffered severe injuries to a front leg, and his family did not seek necessary medical treatment.  About a week later, Laura and Candice found TJ running scared in Livermore and called animal control for immediate help.  Officer Holmes called Tri-Valley Animal Rescue (TVAR), who then called us. We took TJ to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Care, where we agreed to take care of TJ while he recuperated from amputation surgery.
TVAR's Cinderella Fund paid for TJ's surgery; for that we are eternally grateful. Laura and Candice generated the  fundraiser for TJ's wheel chair.  Lots and lots of wonderful people donated to TJ's medical, wheel chair and his future.  He has hoards of supporters and well-wishers.  We thank every one of you!
If you would like to sponsor TJ or another dog in our program, just click on the sponsor button to the right.  Thank you for thinking of our dogs.



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