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  • 4 years
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Hi! I’m Mila. I’m a four year old black and brown GSD/Malinois mix and I weigh a fit 55 pounds.

I’m a confident, curious, smart girl. 

I’ve had lots of training and am looking for an adopter who will continue to teach me things and keep me mentally and physically challenged with appropriate activities. I’m a good listener and am eager to please as long as my humans take charge. Scent work is one of my hobbies and I would like to continue that and maybe add some other activities, like agility or advanced obedience, to the regular things I do. I enjoy staying busy as I am bright, athletic and FUN!

I love to be out and about and I really enjoy outdoor activities including hiking in the snow and paddle boarding in lakes. I will make a great companion for an active adopter. I have a ton of spirit and self-confidence and would do really well with an experienced, savvy adopter who likes the same activities as I do.

I enjoy leash walks too. I’m pretty polite but sometimes if another dog looks at me funny, I may bark at it. When my dad reminds me to heel as we pass other dogs I usually do quite well.

I am terrific in the car and I do enjoy chilling after a day of fun activity.

I have lovely house manners but every once in a while if I see something yummy on the counter I may try to take it. And in true GSD fashion, I alarm bark when I hear unusual noises.

I get along with other dogs as long as they don’t try to boss me. At daycare, the supervisors know which dog friends I can have a good time with and which ones would irritate me. I enjoy the dogs that have the same play style and energy level that I do.

I haven’t met cats before but I do have a strong prey drive so I would probably chase them. 

Something you should know about me is that my new friends say that it’s a must for me to live with an experienced GSD/working breed owner. I am super smart and thrive with strong leadership. Although I’m quite friendly, I can be mouthy. That may be too much for small children but a family with respectful, older kids would be fine.

This is a courtesy post and I’ll be waiting with my family in Santa Rosa.

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