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  • 5 years
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Are you looking for a sweet, handsome boy that will make you feel safe and loved? If so, meet our big solid, beautiful boy. His name is Baye (Baye Baye for those of us that have come to adore him), he's about 5 years old and 75 lbs. Baye is not your average adoption - no bones about it, he will be a little bit of a challenge but oh so worth it.  As his fosters and friends say “HE needs to pick out HIS people.”  Some of the people he has met have become instant friends and others have had to work for his affections. Once he decides you are really wonderful, he’s your best friend forever. He is a happy, engaging, silly, playful, snuggly lap dog. He gets the zoomies when you come home and his excitement is a joy BUT he can also get carried away with his happiness and he's learning to tone it down a notch.  But you can't help smiling knowing he has picked you as his. 

Baye has a touch of stranger danger and it might take him some time to be 100% comfortable in a new home (and it might not). Baye has NEVER bitten or attempted to bite anyone!! His modus operandi is to back away while barking at you. He will take a treat from you but most likely from the tip of your fingers to the tip of his stretched out nose then he will retreat with it.  He is muzzled when visiting the vet just for all involved, even though he has never snapped. At his current foster home he lives with a small pack of dogs, people and a few cats. His best dog friend and playing partner is an outgoing little chi dog and they can play hard, yet he is gentle with her. Interestingly both of his besties have been tan chi's, one a girl and one a boy. As for larger dogs, he may prefer the girls to the boys (he's smart). He has done ok in a day care situation as long as he's with lower energy, calm dogs. He currently ignores the kitties but they are pretty dog savvy and he will have enough to adjust to in a new home so adding kitties may be too much for everyone. Baye has been fine around children, however a home without kids would be best as we don't know how he would adjust to a lot of young visitors. He does not resource guard food or toys. 

Hey, are you into travel?  Baye is!  He is fantastic on car rides, even long ones. He loves to go places and puppuccinos are his very favorite thing. Baye is great on leash and is not reactive to animals or people. He does not like strangers to pet him (most of us don't) but does not mind too much if they stand close. If they get too close, he just backs up. He has gone on many 'pack walks' and has done great. At home he can be a lounge lizard, preferring to lounge on the couch and watch everyone else doing their thing. He is house and crate trained. He will alarm bark and if you have company that is not dog savvy, you may want to put him outside or in his crate so he is not over-stressed. He will most likely do this on his own.

There are so many things we could tell you about this boy! We know he will not be the dog for most but IF IF IF you are THE ONE, he will give you everything he has. Baye is interviewing for a new home and if you think you have the time to see if he’ll be your best friend just let us know.  We wish you all could see what we see when Baye chooses you, it truly is amazing. We adore this boy and just know his forever is out there looking for him. 

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