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Jolie is a sweet adolescent girl who we believe to be a Shepherd mix. She's almost 2 years old and 65-70 lbs. She has the most adorably silly ears!!

She LOVES dogs big and small. This is a really sweet girl once she trusts you and is comfortable in her environment. She takes time to warm up to new people and a busy environment will overwhelm her to the point of withdrawal. Jolie is a very athletic girl who will greatly benefit from structured, rigorous daily exercise. This will help to diffuse her anxiety so she can learn new skills and embrace her new home/environment. 

Jolie deserves a home where she has a lifelong connection. She is seeking a person/people who want to learn about her strengths and can help her through the challenging parts of being Jolie. A home with nice dogs who are not reactive to the triggers that Jolie has would be ideal.  She would love a home in a country/rural setting where she has room to run without the challenges of a densely populated neighborhood. Once Jolie claims you, she will want to be with you all the time and will need to learn to be left by her humans. A secure crate and fenced yard will keep her safe until her people return. She does LOVE to go for rides and will wait patiently in the car for your return.. 

If you have read this far then you must already be under her spell.  The abbreviated and colorful version reads- Jolie is a fun, sweet, engaging girl who is scared of many environmental stressors.  She'e the best friend who can sit on a pillow in your living room all day long and talk about boys but freaks out when expected to go to a crowded party.  She is a sensitive, goofy, beautiful , strong, athlete who can jump a six foot fence and would really rather play with her dog friends and hang out with just a few well known people. If you are into smart, sensitive maybe even slightly neurotic girls who will fill your life with puppy antics, and you don't have an expectation that your dog will go to Starbucks then Jolie may be the girl for you.  It will take work to win her heart- she's worth it

Potential adopters will have access to the trainer/canine behavior specialist who has been working with her for support.  

Only smart, patient, committed suitors need apply !

She is waiting with all of her dog friends in Windsor.

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