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Please read carefully. Only experienced adopters will be considered.

Poirot (Pron. paw roh) is a stunning seven year old Belgian Malinois looking for someone who wants a full time companion.

This beautiful girl has some good training in place (she is trained in German), is nice on leash, has good house manners and is a great walking buddy.  

Poirot is also a good car companion. She is gentle, affectionate, playful and loves to sit in laps and if allowed to will sleep on your bed. Even though she is relatively easy she will need an adopter experienced with her breed and one who is committed to working with her. Poirot has been through a lot of changes so she really needs someone who can be there for her. She is beginning to show us her Mali self- playing boisterously with toys, burying her new bones under coverings in the house, zooming, and rolling and just basically bursting with joy!  She has some great tug and ball drive and she is happy to tear her toys to pieces or hunt for them if you hide them!   

She needs regular daily exercise and engagement. Poirot has shown signs of separation distress. She does not like to be left alone. This will likely greatly improve with reliable structure and an adopter that is able to spend good time with her. These behaviors arose after some significant losses.

Care must be taken to settle her in properly so she learns that her people do come back. Poirot may try to get out of her crate - she needs someone who knows how to crate train correctly and will make her crate a wonderful safe place to be. She will NOT do well where she must be left for long stretches. 

Poirot wants to be with people. She does not need another dog although in our experience she has been fine with dogs.  We have been told that she has shown a propensity to not want to share her toys and may place her body between the object and the other dog. In our experience this behavior can be managed by a savvy person. She has not harmed a person or a dog.

If you are an experienced Malinois person looking for an amazing companion then Poirot may be your girl. She has definitely stolen our hearts! Please remember that she will need adequate exercise and engagement!  Poirot has a whole team that loves her and any of us will be happy to speak with you.

Poirot will be waiting with her foster family in San Francisco.

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