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Casey is a 2 year old Belgian-Dobie-Border-Hound dog.  He is kind, gentle, playful, and wants to be friendly, but never got much of a chance to learn how to do it right. We're looking for someone special to shine a light in his corner, and let this boy discover the good things in life.

As a puppy, he was quite free spirited and a bit of an escape artist. After one too many adventures outside the wire, he ended up at the shelter. After several months at the shelter, he was brought into rescue by Greyhound Friends For Life.  We were quite surprised by his DNA results  - despite his beautiful brindle, no greyhound!  He is mostly Belgian Malinois, mixed with equal parts Doberman Pinscher, Border Collie and generic Herding/Hound. And, Casey is not entirely what you'd expect from his breed mix! He is, of course, fun, spirited, energetic, and very smart; but he's also sweet, loving, and actually fairly mellow.

While in boarding, he developed a bit of an aversion to strangers and a little separation anxiety. So, he was sent off to Tug Dogs training camp to work on that. As luck would have it, another Tug Dogs client with room for a foster heard about Casey. They made plans for a meet and greet with the pack, which went nicely, so Casey now has a chance to practice being in a home.  

Casey went to his foster home on his birthday in March, and took his first couple of weeks figuring out this latest change in his life. He such a good-natured dog, but never got the direction he needed to flourish from the start. He's spent a good part of his life in a kennel or boarding situation. He's been well cared for, but without his own home and family.  

He's had a few short stints in homes before, so his learning curve is fairly quick. He's also had good handlers, so he can overcome his fears and insecurities with time and guidance. He is getting help to gain some confidence, and is practicing proper manners. But, he'll always be a sensitive soul, and will need a special person to call his own.

He gets along nicely with other dogs, so that's a bonus!  But he is also quite comfortable playing by himself - or more importantly, with his person solely focused on him. (We're not sure about cats since there's none with him now.)  Given his past issues making friends with new people, an active social life is probably not in the cards for Casey. He does love people, and can make friends, but it needs to be on his terms.

An ideal home for Casey might be a single person or couple who work from home, or are maybe already retired. They should have a firm, yet calm demeanor when dealing with dogs. Another easy going, playful dog would be okay, but he will bond most strongly with his people. Casey will need guidance learning the ropes in his forever life, but he needs his guide to be patient and gentle with him. Are you the one? Or, do you know them?  

You can learn more about his life in foster care here:

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