Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Many people have asked us about those 5 stars in our logo.  What do they mean?

When we first started, we wanted to make some commitments to our dogs, you and ourselves. Commitments that would stand us apart.  We thought about 5 things that would make us an organization from which we might want to adopt a dog, to volunteer, donate or even surrender our own dog.  There were five things:

1) It's all about the dogs

We do this because we love the dogs, so we treat every dog as one of our own.  When we foster a dog it means that they really are part of our family.  We play with them, feed them and love them just like our own.  What it also means is that we do not take a dog and put it in a boarding kennel.  In addition, when we take a dog and it does not immediately get adopted, we will support this dog for as long as it takes.  At the end of the day we do this for the dogs.

2) Enjoy adopting your dog

We've heard so many stories from other groups about people trying to apply, receiving no response for a couple of weeks, not understanding the process and worse.  We want you to tell others that not only did you get a great dog that you love, but you made some friends along the way.  We commit to responding to your application within 72 hours and being available to meet you at your home within 2 weeks.  We will also answer all your questions and make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.  We'll do our very best for you. 

3) Volunteering is fun

We volunteer because we love the dogs and find saving a dog's life to be a very enriching experience.  We know not everyone can spend 20 hours a week volunteering.  We have created a team where we value every contribution no matter how large or how small.  We don't get paid, but we all think that volunteering should be as fun as it gets.  Our payment is in dog kisses and tail wags, knowing you helped save a life.

4) Donations are for the dogs

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and we are 100% volunteer based - nobody is paid anything in our rescue group. We won't rent buildings and take on large administrative expenses that take the money away from the dogs. We do this because we love the dogs. 

5) For always

We love our dogs. When you adopt a dog from us, you are family and we love to hear how much you love your new family member. If you ever have questions or have a problem, feel free to contact us. We are here for you. Even if you need to return your dog for any reason at any time, we'll be here.  That's our commitment to you and your dog.  


This is incredibly important to us - the meaning of our “5 Stars”.  Will we always be perfect?  No. But we will try. Those five stars are a reminder, to make sure we never forget. 

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