Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue


German Shepherd Rescue Bay Area is our name.  We save many German Shepherds.  In fact every month we meet people who are looking specially for a German Shepherd Dog.


At German Shepherd Rescue Bay Area we help people find their perfect German Shepherd Dog.  First, we evaluate the dogs temperament and then place them in a loving foster home. It’s the same with all our dogs.  Every month we meet a family that is looking for this most beautiful of dogs.  You can learn more about us by clicking “Learn More” on the right side of this page.

If you would like German Shepherd Rescue Bay area to help,  you’ll need to fill out an application form.  It takes 5 minutes.  We take over from there and help you through the entire process.  In fact, it does not stop when you adopt your dog.  Many adopters become friends and we are always available if you have any questions. You can learn all about our process by clicking “How Do I Adopt” on the right hand side of this page.  

Probably the main reason we volunteer for German Shepherd Rescue Bay Area is that we love the breed.  It was started in Germany in the late 1800’s. Over one hundred years later the German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs because of their intelligence, loyalty, trainability and strength.  With the right owners they are magnificent family dogs.  They are active dogs that need attention and a consistent owner.  If you do right by your German Shepherd you will rewarded with the loyalty of one of the most amazing dogs.  

We are a 100% volunteer non profit organization.  Our team has saved thousands of dogs over many years.  Like you, we love German Shepherds.  We are proud that none of our dogs go to kennels and that we can place them all in loving foster homes before they go to their furever homes with their new family.  We are focused on the East Bay and North Bay areas around San Francisco.  However, we also have volunteers on the Peninsula and South Bay.

By considering German Shepherd Rescue Bay Area you are saving a life.  The German Shepherd family that is very popular.  Sadly, there are some  unscrupulous breeders causing many to be unwanted and abandoned and that is where we and you come in.  Thank you for thinking about German Shepherd for Adoption.

We love it when a family works with us at German Shepherd Rescue Bay Area. It’s the first step towards saving a dog’s life.  

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What is BAGSR?

We are all volunteers who love German Shepherds. Click here to learn all out us, what we do and where can meet us next.