Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Imagine for a moment, you were a dog stuck in a shelter, scheduled to die in a few days. Would you really care which rescue group got you out of there.  You just want to get out!

We are committed to saving as many dogs as possible, we just want you to get a great dog and, in the process, save a life.  

We are not the only group working to save these gorgeous dogs. There are four other German Shepherd rescue groups in our area.  They are all really excellent, with wonderful volunteers just like us. Between the five groups we usually have about 150 dogs that need help.  

Here are the other groups, they are all excellent, with great volunteers.  You should check them out as well.  Just click on the logos.

Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue - They have adoption events in San Jose, Roseville and Walnut Creek.  

They are an excellent group and were founded by Dez Murray who is something of a legend in the German Shepherd Rescue community in California.


German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California - They have adoption events in San Jose, Redwood City, Woodland and Danville.  

They run the famous Thulani program for terminally sick and extremely old Shepherds.


Greater California German Shepherd Rescue - They have adoption events in Roseville, Rancho Cordova and Modesto each month.  

They are probably the most eastern of our five northern California Shepherd rescue groups.  They also have great dogs!


Golden State German Shepherd Rescue - based in Alameda, they have adoption events in Lodi, Napa, San Francisco and Danville.

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